Office spaces adapting to the ‘ new normal ‘

Are you a company looking for safer office space amidst the pandemic? Then here is a guide on what you should do to create COVID proof office interior design.

We are all in this together. It is not just a tagline for some TV ad commercials but also a reality of life. In December last year, SARS COV-2 or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona 2 started from Wuhan city of China, and soon engulfed the entire world. As we move on to the “new normal,” office spaces need to have interiors that infuse proper social distancing norms.

It is essential to fully understand the social distancing norms before redesigning your office space’s interiors. According to the World Health Organization(WHO), there are certain social distancing norms that every organization should follow to reduce infection. 

  • Placement of sanitizer dispenser at different sections of an office space
  • Ensuring the social distancing through organized workstations
  • They need to keep the entry and exit from the office to be set apart for maintaining a physical distance.
  • Thermal scanning of each employee before entering the office premises
  • Having office interiors designed top provoke awareness regarding dos and don’ts during the pandemic.

Every organization battling to overcome hurdles of the pandemic in conducting everyday business needs expert office interior designers. Because these office interior designers can analyze your existing workplace and redesign them to include the following elements.

  • Different checkpoints for employee safety
  • Unique paths for employees to enter the office and leave
  • Workstations that naturally imbibe the physical distancing
  • Staff canteens, and play areas to avoid clutter among employees

Apart from such precautions, the execution of the interior project with safety against the infection of SARS COV-2 is essential. If an architecture firm does not follow the safety guidelines, it will not reflect its design or execution. So, it becomes paramount for companies to have an architecture firm with extensive knowledge of the preventive steps necessary to avoid infections. 


With the Coronavirus getting fierce, there have been concerns about how companies can get back to the “regular ways” of doing business. But, there are cases where companies have utilized their vast premises through some clever redesigning to cope up with the pandemic situation. It all depends on the architecture firm you choose to revamp your office space and make it COVID ready!